Café Géographique

Talk at University of Potsdam

On 14 January, I gave an invited talk at the Department of Geography, University of Potsdam, Germany. The talk was part of the Café Geographique seminar series and centered on the work that I have done on the platform economies of tourism in the past 5 years. The talk was entitled “Hospitality, Home and Life in the Sharing Economy of Tourism”. In this talk I discussed the impact of Airbnb on the geographies of the body, the home, and the city, and how these three different spatial scales interrelate and overlap in the Airbnb economy. Below is the flyer of the talk. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel for the invitation to present and for the generous feedback that I received from the audience. I am looking forward to collaborating with Professor Brendel and her colleagues in the future.