Guest Lecturing “The Digital Turn in Tourism” at IULM in Milan, Italy

Starting 31 March 2021, I will be teaching a 6-week module on the “Digital Turn in Tourism” at the International University of Languages and Media in Milan (Italy) as an Adjunct Professor. This module consists of 6 lectures, which examine the complex relationship between digital technologies and tourism. The module interrogates how digital technologies have become fully entangled in the organization, production and consumption of tourism over the last decades. The lectures will draw on case-studies around the world to discuss some of the ramifications that digital innovations in tourism have had on society, economy and environment.

This module is part of the course “Innovation for Sustainable Tourism Development” led by Prof. Marco Maggioli and is embedded within the Master Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Really excited about the opportunity to teach on this particular topic and look forward to meeting with the students enrolled in this course!