Associate Editor of Tourism Geographies

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted the invitation to join the editorial board of Tourism Geographies as an Associate Editor ? For those interested in publishing in Tourism Geographies check out the following links ?? and

The aim of Tourism Geographies is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for the presentation and discussion of geographic perspectives on tourism and tourism-related areas of recreation and leisure studies. The plural, Geographies, is used to express a sensitivity and effort to reach out to the diversity of perspectives that fall under this subject matter, including both academic and applied research, regional traditions from Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world, and disciplinary approaches from geographers and related professionals, such as anthropologists and other social scientists, landscape architects, urban and regional planners, and environmental scientists and managers.

The journal also has an entirely online publication called “Tourism Geographic” which makes research on travel and tourism accessible to the general public: