Participate in a study on Airbnb

In the upcoming months I will begin an important phase in my research project on Tourism Platforms, together with my colleagues Soledad Morales Pérez, Lluís Garay Tamajón and Mar Alsina Folch. We will start carrying out interviews with Airbnb hosts in Amsterdam and Barcelona, who will share their experience on what it is like to host during pandemic times.

The interviews will help us better understand the impacts that digital platforms like Airbnb have on the practice of hospitality and how these platforms’ policies affect hosts who sometimes operate within challenging conditions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings should provide hosts and platform companies with important insights that can improve people’s conditions to host. The findings of this study will also inform the creation of evidence-based resources to support tourism-related policy making for governments and for tourism organizations involved in the promotion of tourism.

If you know any Airbnb hosts in Amsterdam or Barcelona who might be interested to participate, please refer them to the following website:

where our contact details are mentioned. Many thanks for your help in this!