Digital mediations and spatialities in the gig economy

On 13 June 2022, I took part in a round table discussion on “Thinking through digital mediations and spatialities of platform based work”. The discussion was part of the Stockholm University’s Higher Seminar Series at the Department of Human Geography and provided a summary of the work that a group of scholars (including myself) will soon publish in a working paper on Digitally Mediated Work.

The round table discussion included a series of reflections by eight researchers who explore digital-spatial relations within the gig economy. These include: Olivia Butler, Mathilde Dissing Christensen, Katrine Duus, Konstantinos Floros, Kalle Kusk, Natasha Webster, Qian Zhang and myself.

Natasha Webster and I discussed and reflected on each other’s contributions in the forthcoming publication with a section on ‘Work, Power and Inequalities’. The publication will also include a pedagogical tool for using the report in teaching activities.