This page lists my (co-authored) book chapters, which have been or are yet to be published. Whenever you click on the title of the publication you should be automatically redirected to a copy of the publication. Should you run into a pay wall for any of these , please drop me an email and I am happy to send you a copy. Alternatively, check my or Researchgate page.

Roelofsen, M. & Goyette, K. 2022. “Second Shift 2.0. Intensifying housework in platform urbanism” In Strüber, A. and Bauriedl, S. (eds.) Platformization of Urban Life. Towards a Technocapitalist Transformation of European Cities. Transcript Publishing – Columbia University Press






Minca C., and Roelofsen M. 2022. “Becoming Airbnbeings. On datafication and the quantified Self in tourism”. In Sin, H.L., Mostafanezhad, M. and Cheer, J.M. (eds.) Recentering Tourism Geographies in the ‘Asian Century’ Routledge. This is a republication of the similarly titled journal article in Tourism Geographies (2019)




Roelofsen, M. 2021. Capitalizing on crises. Reflections on Airbnb’s transformations from the great recession to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pecorelli, V. (ed.) From Overtourism to Undertourism: Sustainable Scenarios in Post Pandemic Times. Unicopli