Call for Papers NKG 2016

Call for Papers NKG 2016

Together with my colleagues Heide Bruckner and Petra Wlasak at the Institute of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz, I am organizing a session on “Integrating Feminist Geographies”. Please see the call below and consider submitting your paper!

Call for Papers im Rahmen der Tagung Neue Kulturgeographie XIII
Integrating Geographies: Geographers and Geo graphies on the Move
January 28-30, 2016 Graz, Austria

Organizers: Heide Bruckner, Maartje Roelofsen, Petra Wlasak

In the past decades, feminist geographers have brought to light the power relations that underlie research processes. They have emphasized how knowledge is essentially partial and situated, and emerges from certain geographies, (feminist) traditions and particular scholars in particular countries. Although national differences in academic cultures are not fixed or distinct, the persisting dominance of Anglo-American feminist discourse in academia leads us to consider the position of non-English speaking scholars in the power geometry of feminist knowledge production and circulation. In light of the conference theme “Integrating Geographies, Geographies and Geographers on the Move”, the session invites reflection on the currency of feminist approaches within the German-speaking community of geographers (i.e. through NKG), and the intersections between regional academic traditions and larger international scholarship. As a starting point in this panel discussion, we invite feminist scholars to present their work on geographic topics, which encompass (but are not limited to):

· gender-specific ways of knowing
· feminist approaches to geographical topics
· the role of geography in academic approaches to gender studies and feminism
· geographical implications of gender differentiation and power relations in society
· gender in the organization of space and social relations
· feminist theories and/or methodologies
· reflexivity in the research process
· gender and intersectionality (race, age, class etc.)

During and after the presentations there will be opportunity to reflect on how our specific contexts, theoretical approaches, ways of ‘doing’ research and languages may produce more diverse feminist traditions and knowledge. We aim to discuss ways forward in the realization of a more ‘international’ production and circulation of feminist knowledge, and the establishment of feminist approaches and gender studies as a mainstay within the future of Neue Kulturgeographie.

Please send your abstract to by 15 November 2015.

NOTE: Although the conference will be primarily held in German, the organisers would be happy to receive papers in English too.