The Future/End of Tourism

Together with Claudio Minca, I was invited to deliver a keynote at the Faculty of Tourism and Geography at the University Rovira i Virgili (Spain) on 11 January. The presentation reflected on the cultural geographies of Airbnb and their potential implications for the future of tourism in many cities. The keynote was followed by two brief presentations where we discussed some of the most intriguing methodological implications of our (field)work on tourism.

Presenting together with Claudio Minca (right)

Our keynote was followed by a round table discussion with Prof. Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Director of the URV’s Chair of Housing and professor of Civil law at our university, and Alan Quaglieri Domínguez, PhD candidate in Tourism & Leisure at URV and one of the leading European authors on gentrification dynamics in tourist cities. The keynote, lectures and discussions were organized and moderated by Prof. Antonio Paolo Russo. Thank you for the invitation and for the inspiring conversations that followed our presentations!

An abstract of the keynote can be found here: “The Future/End of Cultural Tourism?