Sharing Cultures: 7th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, Barcelona

This year, the 7th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy took place at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and was hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business. I had the pleasure to be on board of the Scientific Committee and to convene a session on the social impacts of the sharing economy. The Workshop included 17 sessions with a total of 66 presentations and 4 keynotes, all of which concerned scholarly work on the “sharing economy”. The presentations were very diverse in terms of theoretical approaches, and empirically grounded in a wide variety of contexts. Whilst studies on for-profit platform “giants” like Airbnb and Uber were abundant, studies on cooperative and non-commercial platforms were also plentiful and gave insight in alternative, collaborative or other-than-capitalist platform futures.

All plenary sessions were recorded and can be accessed on YouTube via the following links:

A nice collection of feedback on the workshop presentations can be found here and the call including an overview of all presentations and workshops can be found here.